Appare Yosakoi

Appare Yosakoi Vancouver

The Sun of Raincouver

About Appare Yosakoi

We are a Yosakoi group based in Vancouver that started in October 2022. Yosakoi is a Japanese dance using wooden instruments called naruko and it is performed all across Japan.

The name Appare has two meanings. The kanji for APPARE is 天晴 which means "clear the sky" and "あっぱれ" is what people shout out after an excellent performance. In a city that is known for the rain, our goal is to brighten up Vancouver with our energy and smiles that we bring to every dance.

Can I join?

Appare Yosakoi is for everyone, whether you are beginner or advanced. We practice every Wednesday and Sunday, the only thing you need to bring is your smile!

Click the Join Us button at the top of this page to see our meetup link, there you can join the group and start participating, or reach us there for any questions.